Saturday Pre-Season Scouting

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Saturday Pre-Season Scouting

Post by sabotloader » August 9th, 2014, 7:56 pm

Well we made it out to check cameras this morning. We were really hoping we might even bump something making track and we were really close. No matter it was a great trip running around the mountain and getting some look sees.

We believe we may have a found a very hot spot - hopefully with big bulls. We were just a bit late this morning. We pulled both cameras from the Water Hole and have now installed them in this area. Hopefully next week we will have something to really look at... Really wish we could have seen this spot before it was vacated... The left evidence that they had not been gone long.


Water Hole Area - the camera at the water hole continued to show animal use. Have not seen the big Bull or nice buck lately though. Dave you asked about using a tree for a stand... The water hole has a natural tree built for watching the area.

Anyway here is a collection of pictures...


Cabelas has decent sale going on a Primos trail cam - so I ordered another one so we might get more diversified... maybe see more.
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