A Walk About...in the Woods

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A Walk About...in the Woods

Post by sabotloader » August 12th, 2012, 11:07 am

We have an early elk season going right now. Not a lot of fun as the temperatures here are running in the high 90*. The last couple of days they have gone down to the low 50's in the morning son I thought I would go for a 'walk-about' this morning. With the temperatures you can imagine how dry it is in the woods. I headed into Akers to a crossing that might have some action early in the morning as the animlas come off of 3 ridges and cross to get through to get the creek in the bottom... That it was a sound plan. I was in and staked out on the crossing at 5 this morning... hopefully the plan would work. It really was noisy in the woods also you could hear the pine squirrels all around me throwing cones on the ground for collection...


Well parts of the plan worked.. a couple of whitetail crossed the road head down and 4 cows walked the road right under me... They never new I was there - but they were the wrong type of cows - Black ones.

I stayed on the crossing until 7 and then decided to walk out by going south to the private land then west across the property to the livestock pond built in the timber. I wanted to check the use over there. Before going there I did drop down and check out the creek in the bottom... DRY! well esentially dry...

Think I will try another spot later this week. With the daytime temps I have decided if I have not pulled the trigger by 7am - I need to get out... It just gets to hot to quick...
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