Basic Knight Safety Rules for Muzzleloaders

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Basic Knight Safety Rules for Muzzleloaders

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Muzzleloaders can seriously or fatally injure shooters and bystanders if not handled
properly. Before you use your muzzleloader, read this manual, particularly these
Basic Safety Rules, and watch the instructional DVD.
Supervise and teach muzzleloading and firearm safety to all members of your family.
Never lend your muzzleloader to anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with its
operation and the basic rules of muzzleloading safety. Be certain that anyone using
your muzzleloader has read and understands this Instruction and Safety Manual.
Always be defensive and on guard against unsafe gun handling around you and others.
Knight muzzleloaders are designed to function properly in their original
condition. Do not jeopardize your safety or the safety of others by modifying your
Basic Firearm and Muzzleloader Safety Rules
Many of the safety rules for muzzleloaders are the same as those for firearms. The best
way to learn about firearm safety is a course taught by an NRA-approved or other qualified
instructor. Check with your local gun clubs and firearm dealers. Here are a few of
the most important general firearm safety rules:
Handling, loading, and unloading
• Always handle all firearms and muzzleloaders as if they were loaded. Keep the muzzle
pointed in a safe direction. Never point your firearm or muzzleloader at anything you
do not intend to shoot!
• Keep your safeties on safe while handling and loading.
• Unload when not in use and never store a loaded firearm or muzzleloader. Remember
to unload before cleaning too.
• Never intentionally drop a firearm or muzzleloader when loaded.
• Never climb with your firearm or muzzleloader. Use a rope or strap to lift and lower
your unloaded firearm or unprimed muzzleloaders.
Avoid injuries when firing
• Always wear adequate eye and ear protection when shooting.
• Never fire a firearm or muzzleloader with worn, broken, or modified parts.
• Never drink alcoholic beverages or take any type of drugs before or during shooting.
• Be sure of your backstop, what lies beyond, and the safety of bystanders, before you
Follow hunting safety rules
• Never hunt from a treestand without a full body harness.
• Be aware of and follow the local hunting safety regulations.

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