Knights Inline Manual

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Knights Inline Manual

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Unpacking Your New Knight Muzzleloader
Knight muzzleloaders are delivered factory-packaged, preserved with a coating of protective
oil, and placed in a corrosion resistant bag for shipping. Before loading and firing,
make certain that all protective oil has been cleaned from the bore, breech plug, nipple,
and exposed firing mechanisms. Your muzzleloader has been tested, inspected, and properly
packaged at the factory. Knight Rifles cannot control product handling after shipment.
Please examine this muzzleloader carefully at the time of purchase to ensure that
it is unloaded and undamaged. Your dealer will be pleased to assist you in making this
examination and will answer any additional questions you may have.
Getting to Know Your New Knight Muzzleloader
Before loading and firing your new Knight muzzleloader, it is important that you get to
know your new muzzleloader. Read this manual to learn about muzzleloading in general
and the features, limitations, and capabilities of your particular muzzleloader. Watch the
instructional DVD provided with your muzzleloader to learn more about how to operate
and maintain your muzzleloader. The first part of the manual applies to all models. The
second part contains a section with specific information about each model.
It is important that you select appropriate priming devices, amount and kind of propellant,
and projectiles for your model.
All Knight muzzleloaders are equipped to use 209 shotshell primers as priming devices.
Some are also able to utilize percussion caps. Most Knight muzzleloaders feature the
Full Plastic Jacket Ignition System Concept™ (DISC), which allows you to utilize a 209
shotshell primer as the ignition source, completely weatherproofing the receiver area. The
hotter shotshell primer ignition puts more fire into the breech end ensuring spontaneous
ignition, faster lock time, consistent velocity, and a hotter burn of the powder charge for
a cleaner breech area. This contributes to better accuracy.
Knight muzzleloaders use Black Powder FFg, or industry approved black powder substitute.
Some models can also use pelletized powder.

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