Knight Service Policy

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Knight Service Policy

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Every Knight Rifle™ is carefully inspected and tested in order to ensure that it conforms to Knight's strict specifications and standards.

Any alteration, modification, misuse, repair, or refinishing will result in voiding the warranty.
If there is any question regarding the performance of your rifle, please write our Service Department, fully describing all circumstances and conditions involved. If our

Service Department makes the determination that your muzzleloader requires factory service, you will be so advised and will be given instructions for the most expeditious
handling of your muzzleloader.

Our Service Department will give your rifle a complete inspection and evaluate the problem(s) specified in your letter. If the work required is not covered under the terms
of our Limited Lifetime Warranty or Limited Lifetime Warranty with Extended Service Policy (refer to page 40 of this manual), you will receive an actual cost quotation, not an
estimate. Any repair work must be authorized by you, and no work will be done without your expressed approval.

Instructions for Return

Following these instructions will ensure you the best possible service. If for any reason you should have to return the rifle, please use extreme caution and make certain that it is
unloaded. Please return the complete rifle.
1. Contact the service center below for a return authorization number. Returns sent without a return authorization number and your serial number on file will be rejected.
2. Package the rifle securely to prevent damage in transit.
3. Ensure your return authorization number is included on a piece of paper with your rifle along with an explanation of why it’s being returned. Send your rifle prepaid
parcel post or UPS insured to the address listed below. C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted.
If you need further help or information concerning this warranty please visit our website

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