Barrel Disassembly Centerfire Cont.

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Barrel Disassembly Centerfire Cont.

Post by knightrifles » October 1st, 2018, 2:25 pm

Compress the breach lock release button until you feel that the action is free to open. Open the action by holding onto the receiver and stock and gently pulling downward on the front of the barrel.

Hold the receiver and buttstock with the action open and the breach exposed. Grip the extractor with the thumb and index finger, and remove the extractor by pulling straight back.

Turn the rifle slightly to its side and by using the flat head of the extractor pushing the pivot pin through the receiver and weld lug until the barrel is free. It is important that you balance the barrel and receiver to prevent the barrel from dropping or falling out of your hands. Set the barrel, pivot pin and extractor aside.

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