Muzzleloader Barrel Assembly

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Muzzleloader Barrel Assembly

Post by knightrifles » October 1st, 2018, 2:20 pm

Turn the rifle slightly to its side with one hand, and with the other, align the pivot pin hole of the welding lug with the pivot pin hole of the receiver. Once you are certain the holes are aligned, push the pivot pin through until flush with both sides of the receiver Install the breech plug. Fill the threads of the plug with Knight Breech Plug Grease to help prevent the breech plug from sticking in the barrel breech. Using the socket end of the combo tool, insert the breech plug into the rear of the barrel breech and hand tighten the plug into the barrel breech until it is hand tight. Do not over tighten the
plug or it will become difficult to remove.

While holding the receiver and buttstock with the action open and the breach exposed, grip the extractor with the thumb and index finger, align the flat screwdriver end of the extractor with the extractor retaining slot and firmly push forward. Note that the extractor is only placed into this position with the Full Plastic Jacket Breech Plug. If you are using the Bare 209 Breech Plug, the extractor will not fit into the rifle and should be stored separately from the muzzleloader. The extractor should be held in firmly while moving forward under tension from the extractor assist spring. Close the action (note the action should close with reasonable tension).

Replace the forearm by placing the wings in the rear first, and with an upward motion, locking the forearm in place. The forearm will be held firmly to your rifle while free floating. Replace the ramrod.

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