Firing Pin And Trigger Assembly

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Firing Pin And Trigger Assembly

Post by knightrifles » October 1st, 2018, 2:17 pm

Replace the firing pin in the firing pin retaining hole located in the hammer slot of the receiver. Ensure that the firing pin is rotated to enter the bottom firing pin hole.
Turn the receiver upside down and locate the firing pin retainer set screw. Using the flat screwdriver end of the extractor turn the firing pin retainer set screw approximately two turns counterclockwise until hand tight. Do not overtighten or use excessive force, as this will potentially affect the movement of the firing pin and may cause the rifle to fail to perform.

Turning the receiver and buttstock slightly on its side and with one hand, insert the trigger group into the trigger group slot located in the receiver. Pushing the trigger group release lever forward, rock
the trigger group slightly until it locks into position. The trigger group should fit flush and should not be able to be pulled free.

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