Disassembly and Assembly (Muzzleloader Continued)

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Disassembly and Assembly (Muzzleloader Continued)

Post by knightrifles » October 1st, 2018, 2:14 pm

While holding the receiver and butt stock with the action open and the breech exposed. Grip the Full Plastic Jacket (FPJ) extractor with the thumb and index finger,
remove the extractor by pulling straight back. When using the Bare 209 breech plug, there will not be an FPJ extractor required.

Insert the combo tool (socket end first) into the breech and engage the breech plug. Turn it clockwise until it slides out freely. This may require more force (a hole in the combo tool allows for the use of a rod for added leverage). Set breech plug aside.

Turn the rifle slightly to its side, and by using the flat head of the extractor push the pivot pin through the receiver and weld lug until the barrel is free. It is important that you balance the barrel and receiver to prevent the barrel from dropping or falling out of your hands. Set the barrel, pivot pin, and extractor aside.

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