Muzzleloader Disassembly and Assembly

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Muzzleloader Disassembly and Assembly

Post by knightrifles » October 1st, 2018, 2:10 pm

Be sure the rifle is not loaded or primed before disassembly or assembly. Always check the breech plug for the presence of a priming device. Using the ramrod, ensure that there is no projectile or powder charge loaded. Study the rifle schematic and acquaint yourself with the different parts and terminology of your rifle before assembling or disassembling. Letters and numbers in parentheses refer
to labels on each rifle schematic for each model.

It is advisable to use a padded vise to remove and reinstall the breech plug. Place small parts in a pan to avoid losing them.

Disassembly Barrel Removal

1. Point the firearm in a safe direction.
2. Check and ensure that the decocking safety device is set to safe and the hammer is
3. Visually inspect that the rifle is not loaded by opening the breech. Close the breech.
4. Remove the ramrod and set aside.
5. Remove the forearm by pushing back on the forearm release button. Pull downward on the front of the forearm until it releases itself completely
from the rifle. Set aside.

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