Breech Plugs

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Breech Plugs

Post by knightrifles » September 27th, 2018, 4:08 pm

The Knight Rifle KP1 muzzleloader comes equipped with a removable breech plug for easier cleaning. The included breech plug is a Full Plastic Jacket breech plug suitable for Full Plastic Jacket loading. The breech plug should be removed at the end of each shooting session for a thorough cleaning of the bore and breech area. When in storage or in use, the breech plug must always have high-temperature synthetic grease, such as Knight’s Breech Plug Grease, applied to the threads. This will help prevent the breech plug from becoming stuck in the receiver. Apply plenty of grease to all of the breech plug threads.
A Bare 209 Breech Plug may be purchased as an alternative breech plug to allow the use of bare primer without the full plastic jacket.

Do not use any other breech

plug with the KP1. Using any breech plug other than the two shown below may cause the breech plug to blow out the back of the muzzleloader.

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