Muzzleloading Adjustments

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Muzzleloading Adjustments

Post by knightrifles » September 27th, 2018, 3:31 pm

The KP1 trigger is not designed to be adjustable by the customer. Incorrect adjustments will increase the risk of accidental discharge.

Creation of a lower trigger pull is an unauthorized alteration and is a misuse of the product.

Sighting In

To shoot your rifle accurately, your rifle needs to be sighted in for your personal sight picture.
Follow the loading procedures on page 10 to sight your rifle accurately.
We recommend beginning "sight-in" at 50 yards, maintaining a point of impact 2" above the center of the bullseye. Then move to 100 yards for your final sight-in.
Your rifle's sights can be adjusted by moving the rear sight. To make your rifle shoot higher, move the rear sight higher. To make your rifle shoot lower, move the rear sight lower. When you want to move the impact of the projectile to the right, move the rear blade to the right. Regardless of the sight you have or its method of adjustment, move the rear sight in the direction you wish the impact of the projectile to move. Do not over tighten your sight screws.
All Knight® Rifles are drilled and tapped for easy mounting of scope rings and bases.
When sighting in a scope, follow the manufacturer's directions.

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