Firing your Muzzleloader

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Firing your Muzzleloader

Post by knightrifles » September 27th, 2018, 3:16 pm


1. With your action uncocked and the decocking safety device set to safe, bring the muzzleloader to your shoulder and put the desired target in your sights.
2. When you are ready to shoot, cock the hammer.
3. Sight in on the target, move the decocking safety to fire.
4. The muzzleloader can now be fired with the squeeze of the trigger. Be confident of your target and squeeze to fire.

Decocking a Loaded Rifle

1. To decock the rifle without discharging it, place the decocking safety in the safe position, aim the rifle in a safe direction, and, while holding the hammer, squeeze the trigger and ease the hammer forward until it is resting in its uncocked position.


1. Return all safeties to the safe position.
2. Remove live or spent percussion caps and primers from your firearm.
3. Leave the action open during swabbing and loading (except break open actions which
should remain closed.)
4. Place the butt of the rifle on the ground.
5. Screw the cleaning jag onto the ramrod.
6. Moisten the cleaning patch with Knight Easy Clean and wring any excess out with your fingers.
7. Using short, quick strokes with your ramrod and cleaning jag, swab the entire bore several passes with the wet patch until it makes contact with the breech plug. Remove
and discard the soiled patch.

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