Preparing to Load

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Preparing to Load

Post by knightrifles » August 22nd, 2018, 2:55 pm

To reduce the risk of accidental discharge, perform the following checks.

1.) Confirm that all safeties are functioning properly and are in the safe position.
2.) Check that there is no primer, either live or spent, installed.
3.) Place the rifle butt on the ground, remove the ramrod, and place it in the bore. If the ramrod tip is near flush with the muzzle, the rifle is unloaded and the bore free from obstruction. Remove the ramrod from the barrel.

After your rifle has been cleaned and oiled, you must clear the breech plug firing hole of any oil and debris prior to use. This is done as follows:

1.) Install a primer. Point the muzzle at the ground and hold 4 to 6 inches from dirt or grass. Place safeties in the fire position and fire a primer. Observe the dirt or grass move when the primer is fired. This will indicate that the breech plug flash channel is clear. If the flash channel is not clear, remove the debris before proceeding. Repeat this step one more time. Always remove the spent primer after each ignition.
2.) Return the safeties to the safe position.
3.) Leave the action open during swabbing and loading. (Except break open actions which should remain closed.)
4.) Place the butt of the rifle on the ground. Screw the cleaning jag into the end of the ramrod. Moisten a cleaning patch with Knight® Easy Clean™ and wring any excess liquid out with your fingers. Using short, quick strokes of you ramrod and cleaning jag, swab the entire bore several passes with the wet patch until it contacts the breech plug. Place a dry patch on the jag and swab the entire barrel again, making sure to contact the breech plug.

This process will help prevent misfires and hangfires. It will also improve first shot
accuracy by removing grease and oils left in the bore during cleaning

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