Basic Cleaning Equipment Needed

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Basic Cleaning Equipment Needed

Post by knightrifles » August 22nd, 2018, 2:54 pm

∙ Ramrod with Bore Brush (Fiber or Brass)
∙ Cleaning Jag
∙ Cleaning Patches
∙ Powder Solvent
∙ Breech Plug Grease
∙ Water Displacing Oil
∙ Small Lint-Free Cloths
∙ Pipe Cleaners
∙ Toothbrush

Before cleaning, be certain that the rifle is unloaded and that no primer is in the receiver. Cleaning a loaded or primed rifle may result in accidental discharge.

Instructions for Cleaning

1.) Disassemble your rifle as described in your specific model’s section of this manual. Take care to put all small parts and similar components in a tray.

2.) Clean rifle with soap and water or an approved solvent. Do not use soaps with chlorides, lye, or bleach in them; the chemicals may remove blueing on your barrel.

3.) Clean your rifle from the breech end. Place your breech plug and hammer in hot soapy water or Knight® Solvent™. Do not use water to clean triggers for DISC Extreme™, Long Range Hunter™, Mountaineer™, Bighorn™, Littlehorn™, and TK2000™. Only a solvent should be used to clean these Knight Rifles. Clean with appropriate material and lubricate sear. Don’t allow barreled action and other rifle parts to soak in soapy water or solvents for extended periods.

4.) Use a Knight® Ultimate Range Rod™ or a ramrod with a Knight® Bullet Starter™ handle and an attached cleaning jag. With the muzzle still in the hot soapy water, place a patch over the rear of the receiver and push into the barrel. Scrub the bore vigorously to completely remove all foreign matter, powder residue, and fouling. Repeat this as many times as necessary to get a clean bore.

5.) Thoroughly scrub and clean the breech plug threads in the receiver. A toothbrush, bottle brush, or bullet starter with adapter and 20 gauge shotgun brush work well for this task.

6.) Using a toothbrush or pipe cleaner, thoroughly clean the receiver, hammer, breech plug, trigger and other components of all residues, fouling, etc.

7.) Thoroughly dry all metal surfaces and generously lubricate your rifle inside and out using Knight® Oil™ with rust inhibitor.

8.) Reassemble your muzzleloader according to the instructions in your model’s section of this manual.

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