sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

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sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

Post by Wecanoe2 » March 18th, 2012, 4:43 pm


I am a fairly new muzzleloader in WA state. Purchased a 0.50 cal Knight Bighorn in 2008. Been shooting the 310g factory black sabots, with 2x50g Pyrodex pellets. On the range, have observed that the first round loads easily, the 2nd and third increase in diffculty. Subsequent loads are nearly impossible to get down the barrel. I will never win any markmanship trophies (aging eyeballs) but can get sub 3" groups at 50 yds pretty easily. In the field attempted loading at about 20F and thought I was going to break the ram rod pushing the bullet home in clean barrel.


1. Knight makes orange and blue EZ Load sabots. Any thoughts as to which one might facilitate loading the lead pills with least loss of accuracy?

2. Bloodline and redhot bullets; any thoughts as to bullet weights and loads for the Bighorn?

Been focusing on bow hunting for the last couple of years and want to start shooting the Bighorn again. Thanks greatly in advance for any thoughts regarding the questions.

Best regards and happy trails,



Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

Post by lonzo2365 » May 8th, 2012, 3:11 am

I dont really know to much about knight bullets.but i get between one and two inch groups with my bighorn at 100 yrd. i found that i have to swab the barrel between shots. i use 110 gr. of tripple 7 and a 300 gr.hornaday sst. with the slick loading sabot. also i swab the barrel between shots with hoppes no.9 especially made for muzzleloaders. it removes all the fouling from the barrel and lubricates it at the same time. awesome stuff. i wont shoot without it. i think the key is to swab between shots. i have tested follow up shots for hunting situations without swabbing and the second shot was real close to the first, but start to lose accuracy on the third. if you get three shots at a elk or deer with a muzzleloader, there is somthing wrong with the animal already. also try different bullet and powder combinations,every gun is different. good luck.


Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

Post by sqezer » May 11th, 2012, 12:03 pm

With T-7 & Pyrodex RS & P all that is needed is WINDEX for a swab, anything else with LUB in it will just add to build up in the barrel between shots.


Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

Post by hydrashocker » June 5th, 2012, 5:04 pm

If you want to go to a different bullet then you should be able to get better groupings. Also different powders give you different affects on loading as well. For instance, I don't have a Bighorn, but I do have a KP1.

In my KP1 I burn Blackhorn 209 powder (BH 209). With this powder you don't have to swab between shots. I've shot my KP1 over 40 shots without cleaning it on the range! BH 209 is more powerful then 777 or Pyrodex as well, you can use 150 grains of either ones of those, but only 120 grains is a max load of BH 209, so it is more powerful and you use less with less cleanup, besides you get more energy and velocity out of it as well.

Most people I know are doing well with the Hornady SST in either 250 grain or 300 grain. They also like the Harvester Black Crush Rib sabot that will help with loading and shoot great.

Look around the forums like 24hourcampfire, ... zleloaders and find lots of great info on knights.


Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

Post by Wecanoe2 » November 17th, 2012, 12:00 am

Thanks all for the perspective. Ordered Barnes 250 g MZ sabots. Warmed up with the Knight lead sabots then got the Barnes sabots down to a 2 inch group at 50 yards using 2 50g Pyrodex pellets. Thats good enough for now. I suspect that it will take a bit more range time to get the equipment behind the eye shooting as well as that in front of the eye.

Bullets loaded with Spinjag starter and jag. Cleaned between each shot with patch moistened with glass cleaner (both sides of patch used), then dry patch (both sides). After the first shot, there was a bit of resistance near the muzzle which stayed reasonably uniform for successive shots. All bullets seated smoothly and easily once past the resistance.

Cleaning after about 20 rounds; breechplug and nipple removed easily, neutral (no brighteners, bleach or perfume) laundry detergent in hot water for barrel with several patches, boiling water rinse from tea kettle. Dissasembled the works, wiped parts dry with patches and blue paper shop towels. Blow dried stock, barrel and trigger assembly with old hair drier until no more water observed. Lubed carefully afterwards, reassembled. Seems to work.

Best regards,

p.s. Also tried some power belts. They seemed to shoot low and had more variability than the Knight lead or the Barnes copper MZ. Used the CO2 expeller to remove a PB from the rifle and popped it out about 20 yeards. The CO2 device barely moves sabots.


Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

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Re: sabot fit for Knight .50 lead bullets

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