Welcome to Knight - Mountaineer

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Welcome to Knight - Mountaineer

Post by knightrifles » July 20th, 2018, 2:56 pm

Power, Style, Safety & Accuracy. Many promises they can deliver, but few actually do. What if you could have a muzzleloader that not only provided deadly stopping power, pinpoint accuracy, safety while hunting and then at the end of the day looked great hanging over the mantle? You can have that with the Mountaineer from Knight Rifles.

The Mountaineer carries all of our most detailed features. The 27” fluted Green Mountain muzzle-loader barrel catches the eye immediately, while at the same time providing accuracy with its handcrafted design. Each barrel has been hand treated with a ceramic basted bore coating that adds increased velocity and reduces the need to swab between shots. Every bolt and bold handle on a Mountaineer is individually machined, not cast, and then finished with detailed jeweling and intricate knurling, providing a touch of class to an ignition system that is easy to use and clean. The laminate straight and thumbhole stocks are not only rugged but have a timeless appearance of elegance. Each muzzleloader comes equipped with an Easton Carbon Core Ramrod, fitted with a reverse threaded solid brass jag that extends out to help safely and firmly seat your bullet. Finally, a metallic fiber optic sight set rounds out this beautiful muzzleloader that is claimed by many to be the most reliable and accurate muzzleloader on the market today.

Mountaineer Forest Green Straight Stock Muzzleloader comes in .45, .50, and .52 caliber options, and can be ordered with either a 209 Bare Primer ignition system, Western-legal musket cap & #11 system or our 100% waterproof/weather proof Full Plastic Jacket Technology. We are so confident in our quality and accuracy that we guarantee every Mountaineer made will have MOA accuracy up to 200 yards—something the competition can’t say. We’re also proud to say that the Mountaineer is 100% American Made—from the smallest screw and fitting to the bolt, barrel and stock.

Power, Style, Safety, Accuracy, The Mountaineer, a rifle to be passed down from father to son, for generations to come.

Welcome to Knight – The Mountaineer

Action: Patented Double Safety System, New C-Toolless, Quick Release, Removable Bolt Assembly. Removable Stainless Steel Breech Plug (see page 20 for breech plug
identification for .45, .50, and .52 caliber).

Ballistics/Recommended Loads:

Barrel: 27’’ Fluted Cantilever Lug Green Mountain® rifle barrel, 1:30″ Twist .45
Stainless, 1:28’’ Twist, .50 Stainless, 1:26’’ Twist, .52 Stainless

Ignition: Bare 209 primer ignition, Full Plastic Jackets, or #11 Musket Cap

Included In Package: Hex Head Combo Tool, Five Plug Screws, 5/32 Allen Wrench

Length and Weight: 45.5 inches, 8.1 lbs.

Powder: Black Powder, and industry approved black powder substitutes.(Maximum Powder Charge) 150 grains by volume, in loose or the pelleted powders.

Sights: Fully Adjustable Metallic Red Fiber Optic Rear Sight and a one piece Green Fiber Optic Bead and base. Receiver drilled and tapped for easy scope mounting.

Trigger: Adjustable Knight® Trigger with Metal Trigger Guard.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime with extended service policy. (See page 45)

*Note: When using Weaver style bases, you may have to shorten the front screw of the front base (closest base and screw to the muzzle) approximately 1/16’’ for proper fit.

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Re: Welcome to Knight - Mountaineer

Post by knightrifles » September 11th, 2018, 10:12 am

See us on our new website today! Knight Rifles, American Made muzzleloaders.

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