buy Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Edition Historique watch

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buy Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Edition Historique watch

Postby yoyome » June 26th, 2019, 9:20 pm


Balancier comes with hand-stitched black crocodile leather straps,greubel forsey replica tapering from 22mm to 18mm at the buckle. As proof of craftsmanship, the watch, even the Greubel Forsey logo on the platinum pin, is hand-engraved. With the leather strap, the watch weighs 159 grams, which isn't too heavy for a pure gold watch, mainly because without a pure gold strap, the watch could double its weight.Personally, I would probably prefer a symmetrical case, but the iconic asymmetrical design of half of all Greubel Forsey watches today (especially some with protruding left and right straps) may help them stand out in a crowded watch market. Importantly, differentiation is often what makes or breaks a brand, so preference aside, I fully understand the asymmetry of choice.

"This asymmetrical design is an offshoot of DNA and has been used in almost half of our work so far. The immediate advantages of this mobile structure are the increased space and immediate visibility of the four cars on the side of the dial, as well as the interesting lateral perspective, "fossey said.Solid 18-karat platinum pull-in crown, 7 mm in diameter, ridged edges, engraved with black painted GF logo - controls all functions of the watch. The shell is made of sapphire crystal and fixed by 6 screws. Not much progress, though, best fake watches compared with the front. Water resistant 30 meters.


Functionally, two tandem coupled fast rotating barrels (3.2 hours to complete a turn), one of which is fitted with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension, drive hour, minute, minute and power reserve displays up to 72 hours.Internally manufactured, large (12.60 mm) free spring balance wheel features 6 golden mean time screw adjustment accuracy. The balance wheel oscillates at 3Hz (21,600 VPH) and can be stopped through the top.The mechanism measures 36.40 mm x8.35 and consists of 269 parts, including 37 stones and three olive domed stones mounted on gold tenons.The spring is integrated into the oscillation system using the phillips terminal curve and is fixed with a Geneva stud.

The motherboard is made of nickel silver and decorated with a frosted and speckled finish, striated flanks, and nickel palladium treatment. Similarly, the bridge is made of nickel silver, and has frosted and speckled trim, striated flanks, nickel-palladium treated, polished bevels and polished sinkholes.
Plane black polishing and barrel polishing are used to finish the protruding steel balance wheel bridge, replica watches visible at 8 o 'clock on the side of the dial.
On the back was a flat black polished gold plate, engraved with raised writing, polished bevels and basins, straight sides, and two large golden tenons of olive domes.The middle plate is gold, with a black coat of polished paint, engraved with "GF" and Numbers, and polished bevels, countertops and straight sides.

Like all the other details of the weighing apparatus, the movements were executed with great precision. Although it is worth noting that due to the design, in this case the front, which also includes parts from the sport, can be said to be more attractive on the back, even though the back has twice the gold chat. It retails for $230,000, about three times the second-most expensive watch I've ever seen. However, it remains one of the most readily available watches in the Greubel Forsey collection, greubel forsey double tourbillon 30° technique which speaks volumes about how expensive they are. (limited to 33 pieces)

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