Older Knight Manual Read I have!

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Older Knight Manual Read I have!

Postby garyjr » February 20th, 2018, 3:40 am

A While back I posted that I have a T-Bolt and have the Manual, over time several people asked and i emailed the scanned copy to them. My Home server died and I just got the manual re scanned! I have the whole manual by double pages and didn't do it by the lightest setting either I send 4 pages each and takes 5 to do it! Here are the Guns covered in the manual USAK American Knight, LK-93 Wolverine, Bighorn, T-Bolt, Disc Rifle, MK-85. I wish there was a place on this site to upload it but, I have it! I bought My T-Bolt in 12/2000 and have killed a Few Deer with it.
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